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About Us

From past 12 years, Anamprem is successful to give education shelter to more than 500 disables. We open a house of love for them. Now it is proved that Divyang’s are also have potential like everyone we have. Give them a chance not charity.  And exactly for the same Anamprem is working. For disables, information technology is one of the best and unique way to compete the world. For that we have started a window for IT literacy. Through this now a day’s disables are able to get updated at any time about technology. Blind students can read anything. They can walk lonely without any support. After seeing these all efforts the society is changing their traditional mind for disables. Also Anamprem is always in favor of developing leadership and bring a role model among the community for community as well as society. Beneficiaries of Anamprem are playing important role in our daily work.



Anamprem is fighting for recruitment for disables in government sectors as well as in private sectors through various ways. Such as Education awareness, creating atmosphere for same, providing required material like books and recruitment updates. Anamprem wants to uplift the community through education, training, employment & rehabilitation.

Also Anamprem demanding that one of representative among the community should have a reservation in Legislature House. Only after that the real problems will be addressed for action.

According to new Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act – 2014, total 21 types of disabilities are considered as valid. But still there are some disabilities which are not considered as a disability. These disabilities also get included in this Act.