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Auxiliary Education

Auxiliary Education

Auxiliary Education

This centre is working for the unemployed divyang to get income from their skills.  Packaging, motor winding , recycling and other different activities have been started here, which easily provides employment. Maharashtra Industrial Development Centre provides information about different business and this centre also provides some guidelines to divyang for their new start-up business. Divyang have an  inborn talent about music. This centre converts this music skill into commercial skill, and provide an earning factor to divyang. Through this centre Anamprem develop a new orchestra named as “Prakash Gan Rajani Manch”. More than 40 artist are created in the last 10 year. On occasions like Navaratri , Ganesh Festival, and Birthday they represent there skills. There are nearly 750 occasion represented by Anamprem.

Project Features

Computer Literacy

To strengthen the blind-hearing impaired children and to build their capabilities in this competitive modern era, Anamprem is providing IT education under this project. Various specially designed computer courses are available at the center. It is providing quality based computer educationin order to brace their IT skills. Along with computer knowledge, efforts are also made to offer Basic English communication and language skills. A detailed knowledge about Modern play talk, Audio player, Laptop, Screen touch android mobiles and other user friendly modern gadgets are being provided. Number of organizations and NGOs from all over Maharashtra has been generous enough to provide support for the easy availability of such gadgets.

English Speaking

The efforts in providing education to the Divyang in his/her mother tongue seems to be fruitful after a decade of hard work. There is need to learn and communicate in English language while using Modern Technology. Organization understand this need of English language. It is important to be able to communicate in English in order to grab a Government or Private sector job after completion of training.  Especially the Divyang in rural area need to know English language. Hence, the organization provides English Speaking Classes, Daily English Newspaper Reading , English Communication skill, and Direct Communication with foreigners which helps them to communicate in English.