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Facilities to the Needy

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  Audio Library

Blind people do not get all types of educational equipment in Braille format. The equipment which is available in Braille format are not long time usable. Hence they required audio format equipment. Therefore, Anamprem has started an audio library. This audio library contain syllabus from 1st standard to Degree ,other reading books, stories , novels and some book & poetry in English language .

  Computer Training Room

To strengthen the blind-hearing impaired children and to build their capabilities in this competitive modern era, Anamprem is providing IT education under this project. Various specially designed computer courses are available at the center. It is providing quality based computer educationin order to brace their IT skills. Along with computer knowledge, efforts are also made to offer Basic English communication and language skills. A detailed knowledge about Modern play talk, Audio player, Laptop, Screen touch android mobiles and other user friendly modern gadgets are being provided. Number of organizations and NGOs from all over Maharashtra has been generous enough to provide support for the easy availability of such gadgets.

  Braille Library

Anamprem has started Helen Keller Library for Challenged people with the objective of making them familiar with the precious literature and to impart the habit of reading amongst them. Along with Saprshadnyan, Dnyanoday, Brailedhara Braille magazines variety of Braille and other reading material is available in this library. Library is well equipped with more than 400 braille books for blind and around 150 general reading books.